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Cruise Scotland: Hebrides & St Kilda Cruise

Cruise Scotland: Hebrides & St Kilda Cruise – set sail on our Hebrides and St Kilda explorer cruise (available for Private Charter only (June to August). The cruising area teems with...

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Cruise Scotland 2020 | Skipper Iain | Scottish Cruises | Argyll Cruising

Cruise Scotland 2020 visionary idea

Why booking a cruise Scotland 2020 is a visionary idea! You’re never far from the sea in Argyll which is why we were excited at VisitScotland’s announcement that 2020 is...

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Mini Cruises | Scotland | Puffins | Hebrides Cruise | Cruise Scotland

Thinking of mini cruises in Scotland

Mull’s magic never fails to captivate!   One of our mini cruises is our three-night Magic of Mull cruise. Last week Skipper Iain and Chef Mike welcomed guests onboard Splendour...

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Argyll Cruising - Short Break Cruises in Scotland

Vitamin Sea – it’s all you need!

Joining Splendour is good for the soul!  Chinese researchers have just confirmed what we always knew – cruising is GOOD for you… The scientists from the University of China recently published...

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Scottish Isles Cruise | Argyll Cruising | Scottish Cruise | Cruise Scotland | 2019

New Ten Night Scottish Isles Cruise

Five reasons why you’ll want to discover our new Scottish Isles cruise during the 2019 season.    We love planning new cruises, we enjoy plotting courses and we adore picking...

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