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Cruise Scotland: Magnificent Island of Mull Cruise

Cruise Scotland: Magnificent Island of Mull Cruise – An unforgettable island of Mull cruise aboard Splendour. Our new 6-night cruise itinerary offers stunning scenery, amazing wildlife spotting opportunities and fresh local...

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Cruise Scotland: Hebrides & St Kilda Cruise

Cruise Scotland: Hebrides & St Kilda Cruise – set sail on our Hebrides and St Kilda explorer cruise (available for Private Charter only (June to August). The cruising area teems with...

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Cruise Scotland 2020 | Skipper Iain | Scottish Cruises | Argyll Cruising

Cruise Scotland 2020 visionary idea

Why booking a cruise Scotland 2020 is a visionary idea! You’re never far from the sea in Argyll which is why we were excited at VisitScotland’s announcement that 2020 is...

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Mini Cruises | Scotland | Puffins | Hebrides Cruise | Cruise Scotland

Thinking of mini cruises in Scotland

Mull’s magic never fails to captivate!   One of our mini cruises is our three-night Magic of Mull cruise. Last week Skipper Iain and Chef Mike welcomed guests onboard Splendour...

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Vitamin Sea – it’s all you need!

Joining Splendour is good for the soul!  Chinese researchers have just confirmed what we always knew – cruising is GOOD for you… The scientists from the University of China recently published...

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