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Humpback Whale off the Starboard Bow

Getting you Close to nature on our Scottish Wildlife Cruises! 

You don’t have to be on one of our dedicated Scottish Wildlife Cruises to spot Scotland’s famous five.

Our cruising area of Argyll is home to a number of iconic wildlife species and rarities. Catching a glimpse can often be one of many highlights of any cruise aboard Splendour. With our varied geography and terrain, different areas of Argyll are better suited to spotting different species. Luckily, with years of experience both on and off the water, Skipper Ted knows the local hotspots and tell-tale signs of approaching wildlife.

On board you will find many additions to increase your chances of seeing these wonderful creatures on your Scottish wildlife cruise. We have sport and field binoculars, with 8x magnification and 50mm lens diameter – but we do recommend bringing your own if you are an enthusiastic wildlife spotter. Wildlife books dedicated to our environment and our own, ‘Get Wild about Argyll’ area bible. We are also delighted to announce that we are accredited Wildlife Safe Operators by the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. We have joined forces with them and report sightings to their website,  cataloguing vital data about the cetaceans that both crew and guests see.

We have started our wildlife series with the iconic five and will be adding more as we spot species on our travels. Many of our photographs are our own, or have been kindly shared by guests on board.

Each species that we are highlighting also displays the ideal cruise for the best chances of a close encounter! We can’t always guarantee sightings of specific species, which is another reason why seeing them can be such a special occasion for both crew and guests. We endeavour to do our utmost.

Don’t Forget Your Camera!