Life on Board

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Guests Enjoying Life Ashore

Immediately after our guests step aboard, the worries and cares of everyday life melt away and the excitement of the voyage takes over. Skipper Iain will consult with guests the options for cruising and stopovers given local wind and tide conditions.  Very soon everyone is enjoying each others company round the communal dining table in the deck saloon – life on board is relaxed and sociable  The art of conversation is rediscovered as Splendour sets off from Holy Loch for the first nights anchorage and dinner on board.

A Typical Day of life Aboard Splendour

Around 7.30am the generator is started and the kettle is boiled for early risers looking for a tea or coffee. This is often a good time to spot wildlife and guests will frequently take binoculars on deck in the hope of seeing an otter or porpoise.

Breakfast is normally served at anchor at 8.30 am, over breakfast Skipper Iain will discuss the cruising options for the day.  Around an hour after breakfast guests may take their first trip of the day ashore or alternatively Splendour will lift anchor, set sail and its off to our next port of call.

Lunch is served around 1pm followed again by the option of a trip ashore or cruising to the next anchorage.  At around 7pm guests gather in the deck saloon to exchange stories about the day’s activities, enjoying a pre-dinner drink followed by the evening meal surrounded by beautiful scenery. The remainder of the evening can be spent in sociable conversation, often to the backdrop of a glorious sunset or the sight of the moon on the water.  At 11pm the generator is shut down for the night and it is time for bed, perhaps with a last look at a star filled sky before heading off to dream of the next day’s adventures.


Onboard Menu

Life on Board - Unique Scottish Cruises

Onboard Menu

Food onboard Splendour is a real talking point and highlight for our guests aboard Splendour. Chef Mike is often offered a new home from departing guests! With so much interest in the meals provided from the galley we have a dedicated Example Menu page with a selection of our favourites and photos.

Meals are normally timed for when the boat is at anchor unless there is a need to get to a destination, which needs extra time.  Coffee, tea and snacks are freely available all day.  A running tab is set up for alcoholic drinks from the bar.

Each day sees a new set menu, though individual tastes can be catered for. Before joining us aboard Splendour we ask each guest if they have any food allergies or special dietary requirements. We happily cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and many more. Please speak with Jamie about any special dietary requirements or allergies you may have.