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Try our Scotland Wildlife Holidays with a difference.

Think you have to be on a dedicated Scotland wildlife holiday? Rising at the break of dawn or going on overcrowded field trips – think again…

What’s our secret? Skipper Iain of-course! With unrivaled local knowledge and a real passion for our rich and diverse environment. Knowing when and where to spot these truly unforgettable moments is no mean feat – its years of experience. Guests Alister and Elizabeth thought Iain was ‘a great skipper with an in depth knowledge of the west coast and wildlife to be found. We were convinced he had sat-nav attached to minkie whales, porpoises and dolphins as he was able to guide us to them in specific parts of the sea’.

Alister & Elizabeth kept record of their bird sightings whilst cruising aboard Splendour this season. Over 60 species of birds spotted on one cruise – Incredible – just one more reason why we love calling the sheltered waters of the west coast of Scotland our home and office!! View the full list below…

Travel in style aboard our vessel Splendour to a hidden gem around the next headland, often accessible only to our small ship. What’s the best itinery, we like to think it’s our 6-night ‘Arran and Ailsa Craig Wildlife Explorer’ cruise.

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