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During the season of our Argyll cruises we have been keeping note of where and when, we and our guests have spotted wildlife.


Many of our sightings get reported to The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust who are dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and understanding of Scotland’s whales, dolphins and porpoises.

One elusive character that everyone loves to see is the otter, although with rising numbers in the West Coast of Scotland they are still tricky to spot. A tell tale sign of an otter is the V shaped wake it leaves on the surface due to its square jaw. Two of our cruise itineraries have high chances of spotting them, our 6-night Inlets and Islands of wild Argyll cruise, the anchorage of Loch Gair off Loch Fyne is a prime spot for otter spotting.

Though who would believe it – there it was lurking through our garden… An otter! Living in the area all our lives we have never seen an otter away from the coastline. It does however explain where all our fish and frogs have gone! Enjoy our short iPhone (never a camera around when needed!) video of the otter hunting through the burn for hibernating frogs.

The aim of the 6-night Inlets and Islands of Wild Argyll cruise is ‘to travel roads less taken’, calling in at the less accessible, peaceful places away from the tourist trail.  Anchorages are chosen for their tranquillity, beauty and natural environment. With all cabins ensuite, meals and wine with dinner included, join us on an unforgettable journey through the secret Argyll coast line from £1188 per person.