Private Cruise Charter

Private cruise charter gives the hire of the whole boat with up to 8 guests on board, representing the ultimate family or group holiday. With full crew and hospitality you can plan your own itinerary.  Celebrate a birthday, a wedding anniversary or gather your favourite people together just for the fun of it.

Our vessel Splendour can be privately chartered for three nights, six nights, nine nights or thirteen nights subject to availability (i.e.any 3, 6, or 13 night slot showing 8 spaces available for private charter). Splendour has masses of space on the foredeck for mountain bikes or kayaks for more adventurous passengers. Please talk to Jamie about your plans when booking.


Private Charter Availability


October 2021CruiseNightsSpacesPrice
02 Oct 2021Private Charter38£7270Enquire
May 2022CruiseNightsSpacesPrice
07 May 2022Private Charter38£8335Enquire
10 May 2022Private Charter38£8335Enquire
21 May 2022Private Charter68£16145Enquire
October 2022CruiseNightsSpacesPrice
01 Oct 2022Private Charter38£7995Enquire
04 Oct 2022Private Charter38£7995Enquire
15 Oct 2022Private Charter68£15285Enquire